How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

I’m sure you have seen this question on the internet and in real life. It is quite common, especially among guys who are shy or not very confident with girls.

This article will teach you how to ask a girl for her number and she wouldn’t have any choice than to give out her number to you.

8 Smart Ways To Ask A Girl’s Number

1) The first way is to ask if she has a boyfriend. If she says yes, then you can proceed to the next step. If she says no, then it means that she does not want to be your girlfriend. You should respect her decision and move on.

2) Another method is to ask her out. Most of the time, girls like to go out with their friends. So, when you ask her out, make sure that there is someone else present. She might say “yes” because she wants to hang out with you. But if she doesn’t want to go out with you, she will tell you so.

3) The third way is to ask her what she likes doing in her free time. If she says something like watching movies or hanging out at home, then you know that she is interested in going out with you.

4) The fourth way is to ask her if she would like to meet up sometime. Make sure that you do this only after you get to know each other well. Otherwise, it could look too forward.

5) The fifth way is to ask her for her number. When you ask her for her number, make sure that you give her enough time to think about it. Don’t just ask her right away! Give her some space.

6) The sixth way is to ask her where she lives. If she tells you that she lives in town, then you know that you can visit her house. However, if she says that she lives far away from town, then you need to find another way to meet her.

7) The seventh way is to ask her to call you. Girls love to hear compliments. So, compliment her by saying something like “You’re beautiful”.

8) The eighth way is to ask her out for coffee. This is one of the easiest ways to ask a girl for his number. Just go to Starbucks and buy yourself a drink. Then, sit down beside her and start talking to her. After that, you can ask her for her number without any problem.

9) The ninth way is to ask her friend for her number. If she trusts you and knows that you are a good guy, then she will most likely let you borrow her friend’s phone. Just make sure that you don’t use her phone for anything else but asking her for her number.

Do’s And Don’ts of How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

Do’s How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

– Be polite.

– Show interest in her.

– Try to understand her feelings.

– Compliment her.

Don’t How to Ask a Girl For Her Number

– Ask her for her number before getting to know her.

– Ask her for a date when she is busy.

– Tell her that you want to kiss her.


If you follow these tips, you will surely succeed in asking a girl for her number!

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