How to Know if a Girl Likes You but She is Hiding it

How to Know if a Girl Likes You but She is Hiding it
How to Know if a Girl Likes You but She is Hiding it

If a girl likes you, she will do anything for you. She may even try not to show it, but the signs are there! Here’s how to tell if a girl likes you and what to do about it.

25 Top Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

The best way to find out if a girl likes you is by reading her body language. These 25 signs will help you figure out whether or not she really does like you.

  1. She looks at you in the eyes. When a girl likes you, look into her eyes. Her pupils will dilate as she focuses on you.
  2. She smiles at you when talking to other people. This means that she’s interested in your conversation.
  3. She laughs more than usual. Girls who like you laugh more often. They also smile more frequently.
  4. She touches you when you talk to her. Girls who like you touch each other more often.
  5. She stares at you while you speak. This shows interest.
  6. She blushes when you compliment her. Girls who like guys blush when they feel good about themselves.
  7. She makes eye contact with you when you speak. Eye contact is an important part of communication.
  8. She listens intently when you speak.
  9. She asks questions about you. Girls who like you ask lots of questions about you.
  10. She talks about herself less than normal. Girls who like you talk more about themselves.
  11. She wants to spend time alone with you. Girls who like guys want to be around them all the time.
  12. She flirts with you. Girls who are attracted to you flirt with you.
  13. She tells you personal things about herself. Girls who like you share their innermost secrets.
  14. She compliments you. Girls who like boys give you compliments.
  15. She calls you cute. Girls who like you call you cute.
  16. She says “I love you” first. Girls who like you say “I love you.”
  17. She hugs you. Girls who like girls hug you.
  18. She kisses you. Girls who like men kiss you.
  19. She lets you hold her hand. Girls who like you let you hold their hands.
  20. She stands closer to you. Girls who like women stand closer to them.
  21. She touches you. Girls who like someone touch them.
  22. She gives you space. Girls who like you give you space.
  23. She touches you without asking. Girls who like you don’t hesitate to touch you.
  24. She holds your gaze. Girls who like you hold your gaze.
  25. She tries to get physical. Girls who like you try to get physical.
  26. She doesn’t mind being touched. Girls who like you enjoy being touched.
  27. She gets jealous easily. Girls who like you get jealous easily.
  28. She’s always smiling. Girls who like you smile constantly.
  29. She has a crush on you. Girls who have crushes on you act differently.
  30. She’s insecure about her appearance. Girls who like you care about their appearances.
  31. She’s shy. Girls who like you are shy.
  32. She’s confident. Girls who like you aren’t afraid to express themselves.
  33. She’s clingy. Girls who like you can’t live without you.
  34. She’s romantic. Girls who like you show affection through romance.
  35. She’s emotional. Girls who like you cry easily.
  36. She’s sweet. Girls who like you treat others well.
  37. She’s not afraid to show her feelings. Girls who like you tell you how they feel.
  38. She’s affectionate. Girls who like you make sure everyone feels loved and cared for.
  39. She’s supportive. Girls who like you support people in need.
  40. She’s loyal. Girls who like you stick by you no matter what.
  41. She’s honest. Girls who like you keep promises.
  42. She’s fun. Girls who like you have a great sense of humor.
  43. She’s spontaneous. Girls who like you go with the flow.
  44. She’s adventurous. Girls who like you take risks.
  45. She’s forgiving. Girls who like you forgive mistakes easily.
  46. She’s sexy. Girls who like you look good.
  47. She’s smart. Girls who like you think outside the box.
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Girls who like you are very special. They are unique and different from other girls. They are true gems that deserve to be found.





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