6 Reasons to End a Relationship (The Perfect Reasons to Let Go)

Reasons to End a Relationship (The Perfect Reasons to Let Go)
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Ever been in a relationship and wonder about reasons to end a relationship? A romantic relationship oftentimes starts off in a fun, exciting, and mind-blowing way.

Sometimes, everyone thinks you are perfect for each other, but are there reasons to end a relationship?

But oftentimes, things don’t go as initially planned. The butterflies in your tummy start dimming and become less active….which can be quite painful.

When entering a new relationship, everyone hopes to witness a happily ever after with whom you love and care about.

But most times, things don’t turn out so good; things start getting sour and bitter between you two, and a whole lot of things that may not go as expected start happening.

Hence there are 6 reasons to end a relationship for sanity to reign.

6 Reasons to End a Relationship

Below are reasons to help you know when to end that amazing relationship that has gradually turned sour and bitter over time;

1. When Your Partner Is All About Him/Herself

This can be painful if your partner is about themselves without caring about how you feel. When they are not there for you during high and low moments.

It’s a relationship that involves two individuals. Not just one partner being all about him/herself alone. If this is happening, then be sure it will continue for a long time, and this is one of the numerous reasons to end a relationship.

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2. When Your Partner Always Makes You Feel Less of Who You Are

If your partner makes you doubt yourself, makes you have low self-esteem, and think low of yourself in a demeaning way.

When this is the order of the day every now and then, then you should know your partner doesn’t count you worthy, and anyone who doesn’t think you are worthy is not worthy of you.

Now that can be one of the valid reasons to end a relationship because what is the point if you can not be yourself?

3. When Your Partner Doesn’t Respect Your Decision

Suppose your partner does not respect your opinions and only wants you to always respect his/her by trying to manipulate you into doing what they want. In that case, you have to think twice about continuing the relationship.

4. When Your Partner Constantly Identifies Wrongs

If your partner always complains and finds faults in everything you do. Then you need to know you have become a pest in their lives. And they need breathing space from you.

Because we are not perfect, it is okay for mistakes to be made, but picking one’s mistake every time is one of the many crucial reasons to end a relationship.

5. When Your Partner Is Always Comparing You to Others

If your partner always compares, this is the greatest blow to your pride and ego.

When your partner compares you occasionally, it’s best you quit and give them the liberty of going to be with those they feel are better than you.

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6. When Your Partner Doesn’t Give You Peace of Mind

If you find yourself uneasy with your partner, then that can be one of the reasons to end a relationship. They always do or say things that make you start worrying overly about things by making you always unhappy with yourself.

This can be very disturbing to your entire well-being. A more reason and time to quit the relationship. Letting go of someone you once loved and shared something special with can be very painful.

But when they don’t appreciate you for all you do for them, it’s time to call it to quit and walk away for sanity and peace of mind to reign.


These are the top 6 reasons to end a relationship that is unhealthy for you. Your peace, sanity, and well-being should always be your priority. So, if you discover any of the above reasons in your relationship, it is time to walk away.

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