7 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Have you ever been so stressed up, that you don’t have the energy for anything else? To the point in which,  you feel so exhausted, unhappy, and lost.

That is how Toxic Relationships are. If for nothing, you owe yourself to be happy. You absolutely deserve to have a great relationship with your partner, and not the other way round.

When your relationship becomes less exciting, lacking friendship, and companionship, then it becomes a Toxic Relationship.

At the moment, perhaps you might not be feeling all the excitement in your relationship. Maybe at the moment you feel so lost in which each passing day when with your partner, you tend to tread carefully because you do not want to upset your partner.

And as the day goes by, you cannot help it but only feel miserable, hoping your partner would change or there will be some sort of miracle, whereas a lot of time, you and you alone are your only savior.

No relationship is 100% perfect, and wonderful. Once in a while, there are glitches here and there just so you and your partner tend to understand each other perfectly.

And have a long-lasting relationship in both the short and long run. But when the glitches and misunderstanding are too often, and more than the good moments, then your relationship becomes Toxic, instead of blissful.

Perhaps, at the moment, you might be in a relationship, but you tend to always feel sad, instead of being happy.

You tend to feel lost instead of finding solace when with your partner. It could possibly mean you are in a Toxic Relationship.

7 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Hence, below are Signs of a Toxic Relationship

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1. Feeling So Sad When With Your Partner Instead of Happy

When you are in love with someone, you cannot wait to be with them. And to spend quality with them, and talk endlessly about your ambitions, fears, and exciting things going on in your lives.

But this is not so in a Toxic Relationship. When you tend to feel so sad and scared when with your partner, it shows your relationship is now toxic, and no longer a haven you can abide in, in cases whereby you need a shoulder to lean on.

2. Your Relationship Is Now More Like a Street Light Signal

No one wants a relationship in which, one moment your partner is showing you the green light, and happy mood moments.

And the next minutes, he/she has switched and is now showing you the red signal with all the negative vibes.

And you suddenly get confused asking yourself what could you have possibly done so wrong?

That would make them treat or react to you the way they do without blinking an eye? When you experience this too often, then it’s a sign you are in a Toxic Relationship.

And you need to speak out to your partner about how his/her reactions towards you affect you. Before you before it’s too late.

3. You Are Overly Careful With Your Words

Communication is crucial, and the bedrock of any good, healthy relationship. When a relationship is toxic, another sign which is not so cool is. when you are overly careful with your words.

And things you say whenever, you summon the courage to at least open up to your partner.

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About issues you want to seek their opinion on, or about things you want the both of you to address in your relationship.

In as much as, there are hurtful words you should not say to your partner. Things such as these are very toxic for your relationship when you tend to think, analyze, and strategize first and foremost before you communicate with your partner.

This is wrong, and Toxic! In a healthy relationship, you don’t need to go through any mental stress simply because you want to communicate with your partner.

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4. A Toxic Relationship Is Usually One-Sided

Healthy and great relationships, need to be all about true friendship, and both parties giving all it takes to make it work.

But when a relationship is toxic, you find yourself being the only one doing most of the calling, checking, suggesting how to make it work, etc.

When this happens more often than not, it becomes tiring. And in the long run, it becomes draining and toxic.

When this starts happening in your relationship, it is a Sign of a Toxic Relationship. Remember that you deserve the best always, and you shouldn’t settle for less.

5. Toxic Relationships Demands You Need to Please Your Partner at All Times

Yeah when you love someone, you go extra mile for them. Because you want them to be happy, and feel loved by you.

But most of the time, you can only do the things within your capability and reach to make your partner happy.

But when it becomes a thing in which, you need to go overboard and do things that are not honorable, and dignified.

You do things that go against your principles, and values. And your partner tends not to understand or have it when you cannot meet up to their needs, and very high expectations.

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When it happens too often, then it is another sign you are in a Toxic Relationship.

6. A Toxic Relationship Is Filled With either Emotional, Physical, or Emotional Abuse

As stated earlier, no relationship is a bed of roses. There are most likely moments in which you and your partner would not agree on certain things.

But nonetheless, it shouldn’t be a ground in which your partner would make you feel little, and would want to trample on you.

By telling you things that would make you feel restless and so confused. When this tends to happen more often than not,  it is a sign you are in a Toxic Relationship.

And should speak out to your partner about how you feel. And if they won’t change or have it, you need to seek help or speak out, instead of managing the Toxic Relationship.

7. Issues Are Always Swept Under the Carpet

In as much as it is important, to be mature, and not react negatively to almost everything your partner tends to do wrong, and in which you don’t find cool.

It is also very important that you and your partner talk about things you don’t like, and do not find so comfortable with.

Instead of always sweeping it under the carpet because you want to avoid having misunderstandings.

For when issues, are always swept under the carpet, in no time, they turn to resentment, hatred, and not finding the relationship worth fighting for anymore, and in the short or long run, it becomes a Toxic Relationship.

Final Thought

If by anyway, you are experiencing all or any of the above signs of a Toxic Relationship, the first step to take is to open up to your partner about how you feel.

But when you do this often, and they call your bluff, and wouldn’t change. You should know you deserve better, and should never settle for less.

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