What a Man Wants in a Relationship (9 Helpful Tips)

What a Man Wants in a Relationship
What a Man Wants in a Relationship

In Relationships, one of your greatest concerns to keep your relationship going smoothly is knowing what your man or woman wants or expects from you in the relationship.

When there is a mutual understanding of this, then most definitely, you and your partner will have little or no misunderstanding every now and then.

A lot of times, you may have heard that men know what they want. And that there’s nothing you can do to force a man who doesn’t want you to want you.

And also, on the other hand, there are certain things you can genuinely do, that would keep him glued to you for life. This can be genuinely achieved if you do what he wants or expects you to do.

A lot of times, some woman who endeavors to keep their relationship have often fret on not understanding their man enough. And not really knowing what he expects from them.

What a Man Wants in a Relationship

Hence, this piece is to highlights and briefly explains the core things a man expects from a woman he is in a relationship with.

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1. A Man Wants His Woman to Respect Him

Around the globe, the order of the day in most countries is gender equality. Inasmuch as you are allowed as a woman to have and now your rights. And you are also allowed to express your views when need be.

It is important that when you do this, whether you are in a relationship or not, you should know when to draw the line, and respect your man. Your man expects and wants you to respect him.

And in cases whereby you are not so cool with his views, it is wise that you talk to him calmly, and in a friendly manner.

2. A Man Wants His Woman to Listen to Him

It’s everyone’s desire to have a partner, who will at least listen to you when you are saying things that either make sense at that moment or that don’t.

This way, your man would also know and understand that you can stand by him during his low and high moments.

3. A Man Wants His Woman to Give Him a Helping Hand When He Is Down

Everyone goes through hard times both emotionally and mentally at one point in time or another. In such times, when your man is in his most vulnerable state.

He wants or expects you to be a shoulder he can easily lean on. In which in the process you can offer words of encouragement, prayers, and moral support to cheer him up, instead of castigating him.

4. A Man Wants His Woman to Give Him Peace of Mind

After going through a tough day at work or going through a stressful day. The least your man expects you to do is add to his problems by either complaining incessantly about things that you could easily and quietly talk to him about when he is calm.

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5. A Man Wants His Woman to Wisely Use His Resources

These days you hear men saying that they want a woman who also knows the value of money.

And not one who easily waste either money or food at her disposal. They feel such a woman would not be able to manage a home or relationship in the long run.

Hence, If as a lady you can accurately use your man’s resources, at your disposal without always wasting them, then you own his heart.

6. A Man Wants His Lady to Love and Respect His Family

Most families can be a thorn in the flesh no doubt. But even at that as a lady, when you extend more kindness towards your man’s family than you extend hatred.

He will really appreciate it and always fight for you whenever his family wants to talk you down.

But when it is order-wise, then as a woman, you should know it means you won’t really enjoy your marriage or relationship with your man in the long run.

7. A Man Wants His Woman Not to Be Lousy

As a woman, it’s good to be outspoken about certain things you might not like.

But when you are doing it in a lousy way in which everyone in the neighborhood knows when your voice is up, it irritates your man and makes him try to avoid you as much as he can by staying out late than usual.

This is not so good for your relationship in the long run.

8. A Man Wants His Woman to Always Appreciate His Efforts

There’s a common saying that says; being appreciative opens the door for more. As a lady when your man goes the extra mile to make you happy and comfortable in the ways he can.

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The least you can do is always appreciate him. This will make him do much more for you.

9. A Man Wants His Woman to Be Accommodating

Nobody likes anyone who isn’t accommodating and who dislikes others from coming close.

In a relationship, as a lady, if you would allow your friends, families to come close, your man expects you to do the same when it comes to his as well. And not the other way round.

Final Thought

Inasmuch as nobody is perfect, and we often have our shortcomings, at least as a lady, when you endeavor to do all the above and much more, there’s no way you won’t make him want to make you the only Queen of his heart forever, the only woman he has eyes for now and always.

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