17 Breakup Quotes to Help You Move On Easily

Breakup Quotes to Help You Move On Easily
Break up Quotes to Help You Move On Easily

Break-ups are painful. Break-ups are one of the things in Relationships nobody likes to talk about. In the sense, that it brings back bad, and awful memories.

It makes you wonder what went wrong, why didn’t you and your once beloved partner have a happy ever after?

What were you not doing right? What was the spice that you left out in your romantic escapades? The question goes on and unto infinity.

The mere thought of a breakup, makes you shiver and sends chills down your spine. You have so many depressing thoughts like; you would NEVER hold and cuddle or even spend fun moments with your beloved partner this moment, and perhaps forever?

The thought of such makes you feel so sad, and it brings you helplessly to the emotional state of shedding painful tears.

In life, there’s time for everything which is the general saying yeah. But it’s, painful to bring yourself to the thought and realization that your partner is leaving you.

Perhaps for another person whom he/she thinks is way better off than you’re presently…ouch it hurts so much. I know!

Or he/she is leaving and opting for a breakup based on/due to some irreconcilable differences. And there’s nothing you can utmost do, to stop the break up from happening.

Hence, you find yourself wallowing in pain, regrets, self-pity, and what have you. You start asking yourself, where and how can you start all over again? But come what may, life goes on yeah?

Now you’re on the crossroad and staring into the wall. Being so confused, and shocked to your bones on what to tell your friends, your family, and those who knew you and your beloved partner who is now an ex, together.

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Well, it’s painful, I know! But the very best you could possibly do for the sake of your sanity is to, at least take the break up as part of your fate in the romance journey of life and try your best to move on as slow or fast as you can.

Therefore, below are simple break-up quotes to help you pick up the remaining part of your life, and move on easily after a breakup.

Emotional Breakup Quotes

1. A failed relationship doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Just brace up, dust-up, and move on.

2. Break-up is painful. But you need to be strong and hope for the best, and move on.

3. It’s better to break up and move on, than being in a Relationship that questions your self-worth.

4. Nobody is perfect! Likewise yourself, therefore you accept each stroke as it comes, learn from it and move on.

5. Breakups are heartbreaking. But instead of beating yourself about it, you can learn from it. And forge ahead.

6. Never ever beg anyone to be with you. If you were nice and all good and they still decided to leave, let them be your guest.

7. It’s bad and so painful loving the wrong person. But you need to hold on, keep your head high, and believe that you’d find your better half as you move along.

8. Breakups are most times seen as being bad. But they are a compass for directions and a manual that helps you become a better person to your next Partner

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9. Stand up, and brush over the dumpee attitude and move on already.

10. Love is a 50/50 kinda game. Sometimes you win, and other times you lose. So sorry about losing, deal with it, and move on.

11. He/she broke your heart. So painful, but it’s your choice to let the pain of heartbreak crush you. Or you bounce up harder and stronger and move on.

12. Making up your mind, on letting go and starting afresh after a breakup. Is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

13. You loved him/her, they didn’t reciprocate. All good, and fine. Move on and start all over again, but this time, guide your heart jealous

14. Remember to soften your heart and not give up on love because of your breakup. It was a bad Relationship that was never meant to be that ended and not your relationship journey.

15. All break-ups, had a lesson or two to show you. Watch out for those lessons, and be thankful the Relationship ended when it did.

16. Break-ups aren’t the end of the world. It’s a chance for you to start over again, this time better and stronger with someone who will cherish you for you

17. You can be pained, disappointed, depressed, sad, lonely, and unhappy. But come on! The world is moving on already, don’t waste time wallowing in your break-up tears and being held back! It’s time to move on!

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