7 Obvious Signs He Wants to Marry You

Signs He Wants to Marry You
Signs He Wants to Marry You

The year is quite still young. And as a young, vibrant, and beautiful maiden who is very much in a committed relationship. And that was not proposed to by her man the previous year.

Would be very much concerned about the signs to look out for in a man that wants to marry you, and live happily ever after with you.

Committed Romantic relationships these days, or in this modern-day and time, are not like in the older days.

Whereby a maiden would be given out in marriage by her parents or guardian after choosing the man she is most likely to spend the rest of her life with, whether she consents to it or not.

But in this modern-day, a maiden is allowed to choose who she wants to settle down with. This is possible after, she might have seen the likely signs that he wants to marry her, or that they are compatible to a very large extent, in either short or in the long run.

7 Obvious Signs He Wants to Marry You

Hence, below are obvious signs that he wants to marry you, and that you should look out for.

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1. Him Asking You Your View About Marriage

A man who takes out time to ask you about your opinion on marriage wants to know if your view aligns with his. And also, if you are mentally, and psychologically ready for marriage.

Remember a whole lot of ladies, who are ripe for marriage, only want to get married for marrying sakes. Not because they are emotionally, psychologically, and mentally ready for it.

Therefore, him asking you this question, is an obvious sign he wants to marry you based on the genuine answers you give him on marriage though.

2. He Always Supports You

These days, a whole lot of men feel and think they don’t owe a woman anything. In which they also, feel and think a woman should not expect anything from them, or overly reliant on them for things they need.

Well, the truth of the matter is, a man most definitely doesn’t owe a woman he is not married to anything unless he is married to her. Because she’s now fully his responsibility.

Therefore, on the other hand, if your man chooses to go out of his way to do little things for you, whether it is convenient for him or not, it’s also one of the signs that he wants to marry you.

3. Him Being Very Transparent With You

There’s a general belief that men lie a lot to woo a woman into accepting them. And they also lie a lot about things they are not, just so a lady would love them for who they are not.

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Therefore, as a young woman who is ripe for marriage, one of the signs that he wants to marry you is, him being very transparent with you.

Whether you are going to like the truth or not. He will tell you as it is and allow you to make the final decision on if you still want to be in the relationship or not.

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4. He Now Includes You in His Bigger Plans

Men generally don’t like opening up to every woman that comes their way. Not like they are secretive, but they simply want a partner whom they can trust to a large extent.

Therefore, if your man starts including you in certain things such as; his bigger plans that he hopes on doing, or he is planning on doing. It’s an obvious sign he wants to marry you.

5. He Wants to Marry You When He Got Eyes for You Alone

It’s very rare to see partners who are very faithful these days. Some prefer flirting and being dishonest to their partners. Which is so wrong, and not a cool way to live.

Hence, a sign he is taking you seriously and wants to marry you is when he focuses on you, and has eyes for you alone.

6. Another Sign He Wants to Marry You Is When He Wants You Around Him More Often

Men easily get tired. And want something new and fresh. But when your partner now enjoys spending more time with you, whenever you both are free or less busy.

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It shows he doesn’t only enjoy your company, he is also, now convinced that he can to a large extent marry you.

7. Another Obvious Sign He Wants to Marry You Is When He Encourages You to Be Your Very Best

What’s the point of being in a relationship, or marrying someone when either of you cannot put in the effort to make each other better? It makes no sense yeah? It’s more like a waste of time.

Hence, an obvious sign he wants to marry you is when he encourages you. And also invest in making you a better and the best version of yourself.

Remember that, you cannot invest your time, and resources into something/someone you know you are not so into, that’s more like wasting your energy and chasing what is not.

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