10 Common Problems in Relationship and Ways to Solve Them

10 Common Problems in Relationship and Ways to Solve Them
10 Common Problems in Relationship and Ways to Solve Them

No relationship is a bed of roses. Almost all relationships have their ups and downs. In which at one point in time or another, one or more relationship problems arise that need to be tackled.

Most peeps would say, if a relationship is too smooth, void of any relationship problems, then either of the partners or both are pretending to be who they are not. But could this really be the case?

At the moment, perhaps your relationship might be facing some problems in which you are confused about what’s going on, and you are on the verge of giving up on your relationship.

Well, before you make that decision, I would suggest that you take some time to read below and identify the relationship problem you might have with your partner and the possible ways to tackle and solve the problem.

If only both of you are willing and ready to work these relationship problems and have a healthy relationship.

10 Common Problems in Relationship and Ways to Solve Them

Therefore, below are Common Problems in a Relationship, and ways to solve them.

1. One of the Common Problems in a Relationship Is Lack of Intimacy

One of the core ingredients in a relationship is, you and your partner being attracted to each other.

It makes no sense when you and your partner do not find each other appealing, or even have intimate fantasies about each other.

If this goes on longer than necessary, in no time, you and your partner would end up losing interest in each other, and thinking of any possible ways to cheat.

And as it is, once cheating is now the other of the day in your relationship, you both would lose trust in each other, and in no time your relationship would go south.

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Hence, to avoid this, it is best you and your partner sit each other down by talking about the things either of you is doing that is making the other person not find you appealing.

As a woman, could it be you not looking your best? Or as the man, could it be you not being romantic enough? Find what the issue is, and work things out.

And if you cannot work things out, you both shouldn’t pretend and manage your relationship.

That would be very bad for your relationship, in both the short and long run.

2. The Common Problem of You and Your Partner Being the Complete Opposite of Each Other

Since you and your partner were raised differently, and have different opinions about things, etc.

In a healthy relationship, it is paramount that the both of you must have the same core values about life, principles, family values and, perspectives, etc.

You cannot be someone who loves children or would like to have a family, and your partner wants the opposite.

Or you don’t like keeping late nights, but your partner loves partying until dawn, etc.?

If you two are completely the opposite in terms of your perspectives, you shouldn’t manage such, because it would be so selfish on your part wanting your partner to be who they don’t want to.

Hence, to solve this common problem in your relationship, you should date or go into a relationship with someone with whom about 80% of their core values resonate with yours, and not otherwise.

3. The Common Problem of Being Too Clingy and Obsessive

One of the healthy requirements in a relationship is you and your partner enjoying each other’s company.

Since you and your partner must enjoy and have quality time together. It is also very mandatory that you and your partner know when to give each other some space, and allow yourselves to have alone time moments.

This way you would respects each other more, and also appreciate the times when you both had to spend together whenever you are apart.

For when you or your partner becomes too clingy and obsessed with each other.

In no time, your relationship will become toxic. And this is not so cool for your relationship.

Hence, learn to give each other some breathing space, that way your relationship will strengthen and blossom more.

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4. Another Related Problem Is the Habit of Digging up Old Wrongs

Nobody in their sane thinking mind would want a partner that digs up old wrongs whenever they are provoked or angry.

If you or your partner are fond of this then, it’s not healthy for your relationship at all.

Therefore, learn to let go, and forgive.  Even if you need to refer to the wrong being done, it should be done more soothingly.

That way, your partner would adjust and show remorse for the wrong being done.

But do not be of the habit of always rubbing your partner’s wrongs on their faces. This would only put a strain on your relationship, which is not healthy.

5. Having Very Poor Communication

One of the crucial components of a healthy relationship is having very good communication with your partner.

But once poor communication sets in and you and your partner rarely talk about both the things you are excited about and the ones you are not so cool about in your relationship then, it becomes a problem.

It’s normal that as time goes on and as your relationship gets older, you both would be very busy with different activities.

But even at that, either of you must create time for yourselves. This way, there won’t be room for any secret of any kind. Or either of you neglecting your relationship.

6. Fond of Always Lying About Almost Everything

This is a very bad relationship problem. If your relationship is void of friendship and sound communication, what’s the point of you and your partner still being together?

You and your partner should be very comfortable talking about anything whatsoever, no matter how ugly it is.

That is why you must be in a relationship with someone with whom you can trust, and not someone whom you cannot easily open up to you about the slightest of things.

Because once sound communication is void in your relationship, then you or your partner would tend to easily lie to each other about almost everything.

This is bad, and it should be a thing the both of you need to work on, as stated in the previous point.

7. Related Common Problem in a Relationship Is Flirting, and Cheating

One of the worst things you could ever do to your partner is, to openly or secretly flirt or even cheat on them.

This puts a strain on your relationship. And it’s not healthy at all. I’d always suggest that, if you know you cannot keep yourself together and be all faithful and loyal.

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Then there’s no point going into any serious relationship, only to make your partner miserable with your cheating and flirting escapades.

8. Always Arguing About the Slightest of Things You Should Easily Overlook

Having arguments in relationships is inevitable no doubt. But when it tends to be too often, then it becomes tiring, draining, and toxic.

In a healthy relationship, if you and your partner truly love yourselves, then you should learn to overlook certain things.

And not always, want to pick up a fight or argue about the little things that you should overlook.

If you or your partner likes picking up fights, then it’s best the calmer person walks away, and talks about the issue later when the atmosphere is calmer.

9. Another Common  Problem in a Relationship Is Comparing Your Partner to Your Ex

Most times, moving on from a failed relationship is so difficult no doubt. It’s good to carry sweet memories of your ex along with you if you want to.

But you should know that as you tend to move into another relationship, you should respect your new partner enough and only talk about your previous relationship/s only when need be.

Do not make the mistake of always comparing your Ex to your new partner. Like you saying, my ex always brings me breakfast in bed, but you don’t.

My Ex always gives me gifts every week, but you don’t. My ex would never do this, and that…etc.

If before now, you are of the habit of always doing this. Then it’s high time you stop it. If you want to go back to your ex, all good and fine.

But don’t put your present partner into emotional torture of always comparing him/her to your ex. This is wrong, and it should stop!

10. Not Appreciating Your Partner Enough or at All

What’s the point of being in a relationship when your partner cannot appreciate you? This is so wrong!

For your relationship to stand the test of time, and also blossom is for you, and your partner to always appreciate each other. No matter how little what they do for you might be.

The act of either of you always telling each other; Thank you for buying me flowers. I am grateful for the ways you have been good to me, would really go a long way, and make your partner do more for you.

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