7 Signs of Red Flags in Relationships

Signs of Red Flags in Relationships
Signs of Red Flags in Relationships

It’s almost everyone’s desire to have a beautiful and blissful Romantic Relationship. Red flags in relationships can be so tiring.

It becomes a thing of great concern when you start feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in your Relationship as a result of, some red flags in your relationship.

Perhaps at the moment, you might be in a romantic relationship that is making you so unhappy and making you lose your self-worth and sense of being.

It’s paramount for you to know that Red flags in a relationship are not things or signs you should just overlook for the sake of being tolerating.

Ask yourself, why on earth should you manage bad behavior’s being exhibited by your partner towards you? If for nothing, you deserve the very best, and you should never forget this.

Hence, once you start feeling uneasy and unhappy in your Romantic Relationship with your partner, then most certainly some Red flags are gradually raising their ugly heads to make your Relationship a living hell in either the short or long run.

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Signs of Red Flags in Relationships

Therefore, below are some signs of red flags in relationships, you should look out for;

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1. Lack of True Communication

In a romantic relationship, and in any other relationship, true communication is one of the core foundations. Once true communication is lacking, there’s nothing much left.

Remember that, it’s one thing to talk about, and it’s another thing to know you are communicating and being understood at least to some extent by your listener.

Hence, if your partner doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you about even the simplest of things, then it’s a red flag you should watch out for.

2. Another Big Red Flag Is Lies/Falsehood

Being lied to by your partner once or twice can be tolerated and forgiven if they own up to the fact that they lied and come clean after feeling guilt.

But when lies/falsehood has now become a way of life to them, and in the ways, they talk or deal with you. Then it’s not a thing you should condone. You deserve to know what’s what, and why.

Hence, if lies/falsehood is now a norm with them, it’s a red flag you should watch out for, and avoid for your own sanity.

3. The Red Flag of Being Insecure

Yeah being in love with your partner is one of the most thrilling, amazing, and sensational feelings ever.

It’s good to protect what you love, and cherish. But when the protection is overboard, that it becomes obsessively dangerous then, it becomes uncomfortable.

This is when your partner might start wanting to stalk on you, bug your phones, and do other things that infringe on your freedom.

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Therefore, once you notice this, it’s not cool. And shouldn’t be red flags in relationships that you should manage or ignore.

4.  Being Secretive

A whole lot of time, you’d hear most folks say, you don’t need to tell your partner everything, etc.

But what’s the essence of them being your partner, in the first place when you can’t open up to them about things going on with you?

When you notice this in your partner, know that they don’t see you as their best friend or partner.

You shouldn’t be a second option in your romantic relationship, always have this at the back of your mind!

5. Being Selfish

A healthy relationship is all about to give and take. Hence, if you are always the one giving, and giving every piece of yourself, and your partner is holding back a whole part of themselves.

And not wanting to give you a part of them as well, it’s a big red flag in relationships that you should watch out for.

6. When Your Partner Is Being Verbally, Physically, and Emotionally Abusive

Inasmuch as, no relationship is a bed of roses, being verbally, physically, and emotionally abused by your partner over any little provocation, should be a thing that shouldn’t be tolerated.

Like I earlier mentioned, you deserve the peace of mind, and your sanity to be intact. Therefore, if your partner makes you feel less of who and what you are by their actions.

It’s one of the red flags in relationships you shouldn’t manage or overlook.

7. Having I Don’t Care Attitude

It’s a thing of joy, and a reassuring feeling to know that your partner will always be there for you when you need them.

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Well, most certainly no one plans for any unforeseen events or occurrences, but it’s great to know that when any of those things happen your partner would be there for you or be there so that the both of you can walk through those trying times together.

But when your partner is only around when the going is good, it’s a red flag in relationships which indicates that your partner is not reliable and cannot be trusted.

Final Thought

Like earlier mentioned, no relationship is a bed of roses. And when issues/things/ bad behaviors you don’t like are being exhibited by your partner towards you.

Instead of tolerating them over and over again. It’s best you open up and talk things out with your partner.

But when this is being done by you and your partner still exhibits those red flags in your relationship, it’s best you walk away for your own sanity, happiness, and peace of mind.

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