6 Things Men Desire in a Relationship

Things Men Desire in a Relationship
Things Men Desire in a Relationship

Whatever one desires, be it a good career, or good grades, or a good life, one needs to work hard for it.

In romantic relationships, it’s almost everyone’s desire to have a relationship that would lead to a happy ever after. But this is not what can be gotten by mere words alone.

A lot of times, you’d put so much effort into making your Relationship work, into making your partner happy, and satisfied yet, they still gilt you or treat you with so much disrespect and what have you.

Each individual in a relationship has various wants and desires. What works for one might not really work for the other.

Even at that, it’s essential you give your relationship the best shot in terms of doing what is right, and either in the short or long run your partner maltreats or takes you for granted.

At least, it would be in the records that such wasn’t your fault. But your ex and you won’t be held responsible for the Relationship failing.

Therefore, as a woman who is in a relationship, and requires the best for her man. It’s important that you know what your man desires of you each day.

As earlier mentioned, what works for one, might not work for the other. But even at that, these essential keys are what most men desire in a relationship.

6 Things Men Desire in a Relationship

1. Being Intimate With Him

Being intimate with your partner as a woman is what he desires the most. He might not outrightly say it, but he desires that you give him the intimacy he craves for.

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Being intimate with your man does not necessarily mean the sexual aspect alone. It also requires you and him having a heart-to-heart talk, being free with each other, and seeing each other as a friend.

2. Giving Him Peace of Mind

No one wants someone who would be a thorn in the flesh. Men generally hate it when you are always complaining incessantly about one thing after another.

In which you, only care about giving him mental stress instead of bringing him peace of mind.

Therefore, for you to have a relationship that can stand the test of time and last for a long time as a woman, you need to endeavor to bring and give him peace of mind instead of otherwise.

3. Be There for Him Emotionally

What’s the essence of being in a relationship when you cannot be there when things are rough?

What’s the point of saying you love your partner when you cannot come through for him? A man most times would go through an emotional breakdown.

Due to a whole lot of demands from families, work, and relationship issues, etc. At this time, it’s important that you at least be on his shoulders to lean on.

Encourage him, and make him know with time, everything will be alright.

4. Always Look Great for Him

Men are attracted to what they see and what seems appealing to their sights.

Your man is not left out in this. As his woman, he expects and desires that you dress well, smell nice, and look appealing to him every time.

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Hence do not go about carrying rough hair, or wearing smelly clothe or underwear, or leaving your environment unkept. This turns him off.

Therefore, always make sure you try your best always to look great for him. He so much desires this from you.

5. Respect His Space

Men love it when their woman respects them. On the other hand, who wants to be talked down or not given due respect to? No one!

Hence, your man desires that you always respect him, and give him some space when he needs it without making it seem like an issue.

When you respect your man’s space, he would be free to open up to you freely about whatever it is that he might be going through instead of otherwise.

6. Be Sincere to Him

Nothing kills any relationship faster than lies. Your man desires that no matter what it is or how it is, you endeavor to open up to him about the things you want to do and whatever else you’ve done that isn’t right.

You not telling him beforehand rather than him finding it/them out by himself puts some type of friction in your relationship. Which is not so good in both the short and long run.

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